Don't Bother With Vehicle Registration

It could be a dangerous summer on California's roads.

Gov. Jerry Brown this week signed a bill to delay registration renewal notices for vehicles due for renewal beginning July 1. The goal is fiscal: since the higher rates on vehicle license fees are set to expire on June 30, Brown wants to give himself and state lawmakers as much time as possible to agree to an extension of the higher fees.

This makes political sense. But practically, it might make drivers nervous, since some could be driving with expired tags as a result of not getting renewals. The bill says that drivers with July or August registration stickers will have extra time to pay their fees and won't be ticketed by law enforcement.

Combine this official sanction of registration scofflaws with roads pockmarked by potholes and in a general state of budget-related disrepair, and this summer might be a good time for Californians to walk or bike to where they're going.

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