Egg Prices Could Rise to $6 Because of Bird Flu: Analyst

The worst avian flu outbreak in decades has led to rising egg prices in the U.S., NBC News reported. 

Prices currently sit at between $1.99 and $4.49 in New York City. But that could get worse. 

One analyst predicts that if the flu returns again this year, egg prices will soar to nearly $6 a dozen. Brett Hundley from BB&T Capital Markets told NBC News that he wouldn't be surprised to see the flu return as early as this fall.

Hundley said that while the Midwest, which currently sees wholesale prices at around $2.80 per dozen, typically lower than retail prices, has been hit hardest by the egg price pain thus far, the southwest could be up next. 

The flu could crop up there in the fall when birds migrate to the region. 

"It's almost scary to think about what could happen to egg prices," Hundley said.

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