Happy Ending: Elderly Couple Forced Apart in Viral Photo Reunited

"This is the saddest photo I have ever taken," the couple's granddaughter said of the photo showing her "Omi" and "Opi" wiping tears away with tissues.

Everybody loves a happy ending.

After a photo a separated elderly couple went viral, showing the pair weeping and devastated that the two were not housed in the same care facility in Canada, their granddaughter let the world know Thursday that, at long last, the two were reunited.

Anita and Wolf Gottschalk, inseparable for 62 years of marriage, were forced apart for eight months due to a backlog in the Canadian health care system.

"This is the saddest photo I have ever taken," Ashley Bartyik, the couple's granddaughter, said of the photo showing her "Omi" and "Opi" wiping tears away with tissues in the original story.

Wolf, 83, was stuck at a transitional nursing home while Anita, 81, had already moved to a more permanent care facility, their granddaughter said.

Every other day, Bartyik had to drive Anita the 30 minutes from her Surrey, British Columbia, care complex to Wolf's so she can see her ailing husband. The visits always end in tears.

Bartyik provided a major updated that the Facebook world had been waiting for with bated breath - Wolf and Anita were finally moved to the same facility.

Tears were shed, hugs were given, and the adorable reunion photos were posted.

"They would like to thank Fraser Health for this reunion, and also the media for helping to get their story heard. They also wish to thank everyone around the world that liked, shared, or discussed their story," the post read.

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