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Prosecution Witness Stands by Testimony in Elizabeth Holmes Trial

The former Theranos CEO was set to be sentenced today, but her sentencing date was postponed to Nov. 18 after a prosecution witness visited her home and expressed possible regrets over his testimony

Elizabeth Holmes.
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Prosecution witness and former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff stood by his earlier testimony during a court appearance in Elizabeth Holmes' fraud trial on Monday. If the judge accepts Rosendorff's statments.

Rosendorff made an uninvited visit to Holmes’ Silicon Valley home in August, after a jury found her guilty of investor fraud. While he didn’t speak to Holmes directly, Rosendorff told her partner William Evans that “he tried to answer the questions honestly but that the prosecutors tried to make everyone look bad” and felt “he had done something wrong,” according to Evans’ recollection of the conversation filed with the court.

Under questioning by U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, Rosendorff said his testimony in the trial was truthful. He said he felt remorseful about the possibility that Holmes' young child with Evans would be without her mother if Holmes is sentenced to prison.

Rosendorff added, without explanation, that “it is my understanding she is pregnant again.” The Associated Press has not verified that information.

Under grilling by Holmes attorney Lance Wade, Rosendorff said flatly: “The government was trying to get to the truth of what happened -- what Elizabeth Holmes did.”

“I don’t want to help Ms. Holmes," Rosendorff added. "The only person that can help her is herself. She needs to pay her debt to society.”

Holmes, 38, is facing up to 20 years in prison for misleading investors about the progress her once-heralded startup Theranos was making with new blood-testing methods. She was supposed to be sentenced Monday, but the judge postponed that hearing once the Rosendorff questions arose. The judge had already set a new sentencing date for Holmes on Nov. 18 before the Monday hearing began.

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