Someone Shot Out Window at Encinitas Home of Popular Twitch Streamer: SDSO

The gamer was playing Call of Duty live online when he apparently heard shots

An online gamer with millions of followers claims that someone shot at his house in North County two days in a row. 

On Tuesday, the San Diego Sheriff's Department was called to the home in Encinitas to investigate. 

Lt. Amber Baggs said investigators took a report for the same thing Monday in a similar location. 

Guy Beahm, known online as Dr. Disrespect, was live streaming on the gaming platform, Twitch, when he apparently hears something and walks out of the room. 

Moments later, he comes back and tells viewers he believes an unknown suspect shot at his home. 

“Ladies and gentleman I have to end the broadcast right now," Beahm says in the video. "Someone shot at our house: broke the upstairs window. This is the second shot, someone shot yesterday at our house. And someone shot again right now.” 

Beahm then ends his live stream of the game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Tuesday afternoon, he posted a message to his followers on Twitch that read: “Doc and Family are safe. Proper measures are being taken while stream is down for the day.” 

A glass barrier in the rear of the home was visibly shot out from a nearby road, according to a picture taken by NBC 7 crews. 

Deputies said a window pane was shot out when they arrived. It was unclear what weapon was used. 

Dr. Disrespect has over 2.5 million followers on Twitch and over 90 million views. 

Beahm told NBC 7 he and his family members in the house at the time were not injured. 

Check back for more information on this developing story.

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