Eric Bana & Rebecca Hall on for New Terrorism Thriller

Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall will join forces in an upcoming thriller as a pair of former lovers forced to work together on the legal defense team in a terrorism trial.

The thriller, as yet untitled, is from a script by Steven Knight, best known for the fantastic "Eastern Promises," and who earned a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for "Dirty Pretty Things," according to a release from (our corporate cousins at) Focus Features. Directing will be John Crowley, who directed Andrew "The Amazing Spider-Man" Garfield in "Boy A," for which they each won a BAFTA.

The whole "ex lovers thrown together" bit feels a bit done, but we're gonna keep our hopes up. Bana knocked us out with his film debut in "Chopper," and we've been waiting ("Munich" aside) for him to live up to that promise ever since. But he was great in a supporting role in "Hanna" last year. And remain big fans of Hall, despite the disappointing buzz out of Sundance for her new film "Lay the Favorite."

And we have to say, Focus had a great year in 2011, with the surprisingly good "The Eagle," the woefully overlooked "Jane Eyre" and "Hanna," and the brilliant "Beginners" and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy." Yeah, "The Debt" was a bit meh, and "One Day" was wretched, but they can't all be gems.

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