Everyone Can See Your Private Facebook Photos

Do you have photos that you don't want your significant other or potential boss to see? Don't put them on Facebook, because a new security bug allows strangers to peer into your private world.

The security flaw was discovered in by members of a bodybuilding forum, according to ZDNet, who found the exploit and used it to discover the private photos of Facebook chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg (don't worry, they're pretty dull.) Apparently, if a user clicks on "Report This Photo," Facebook's own tool, and click to report "nudity or pornography," Facebook will give you additional photos -- even from a not-for-public stash --  to look over and possibly report.

Most posters reported hit-or-miss results, and the problem is that you will have to report someone for posting porn or naked pictures when s/he hasn't done that. Still, it can give people who want a glimpse into a user's private life through an open public door even if it tars that person as pervert.

As it has been said many times, anything you post on Facebook could easily be seen by anyone -- including potential employers, significant others and even the police. Post wisely.

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