Ex-Googler Mayer Requires iPhones at Yahoo

Former Googler and now Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer may be requiring employees to have an iPhone.

That's the report that came on Tuesday after Mayer met with employees and found that many had a company BlackBerry and then either an Android or iPhone for personal use, according to Business Insider. While the Insider decided to focus on the fact that Mayer has an iPhone and would buy Yahoo employees iPhone 5s, AllThingsD was less positive about the Apple device. 

Because, according to sources, Mayer declared in a recent exec staff meeting that iPhones (and also Android devices) for all was a distinct possibility. . . . It’s bound to be a pricey move — like her recent declaration of free food for staffers at its Sunnyvale HQ and elsewhere — but it sure will be popular.
Certainly it will be popular! How can free food and a free iPhone (or Samsung's Galaxy S III) not make employees happy? Right now Mayer is looking great for the employees --- who were forced to use a fossil like BlackBerry and pay for cafeteria food. The real test is to see how they like her in a year.
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