Ex-Googlers Revamp Stamped With Bieber Money

Ex-Googlers Robby and Bart Stein (no relation) created Stamped, a mobile app that would make restaurant and business reviews more social. They received money from Google Ventures and others and the app was well-received. But the Steins decided to make their app more about people keeping track of their favorite things, a la Pinterest.

That's when the Justin Bieber money came in. Soon the company began getting a bunch of investors including Bieber, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen De Generes and Google chairman Eric Schmidt, according to Business Insider. So far the startup has raised $3 million.
"Ellen talks about her favorite things on her show all the time; now she has a place to put them," chief executive Robby Stein told Business Insider..
The revamped Stamped lets others follow users and see their activity, a la Twitter. However, stamp discriminately because users only get 100 stamps. The stamp limit is believed to make the recommendation "more authentic."
We're not sure that Stamped has anything new to bring to the table. Already it seems to have changed its business model from Yelp to the hotter Pinterest, and now its interface is a lot like Twitter. 
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