Expect Crappy IPhone 5 Apps

So, now that the new iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, how will the 700,000 apps made for the smaller iPhone look on it?

"It's hard to say," Paul Haddad, a Tweetbot developer, told the Next Web. "For some apps it's really easy, for others it would involve an entire redesign of the app."

The major problem is that programmers can't test their apps without an iPhone 5, so the apps may be just a little off visually to possibly not even working.

Apple said during its Sept. 12 even that most of the apps will be letterboxed until they're updated -- but that still doesn't mean they may look the same. Developers also have to get their new updates or apps through Apple's rigorous screening process by the end of September - also no easy feat.

The least affected will be those apps with a "table view" element, where programmers can just stretch the display, according to the Next Web. However, apps that use custom graphics will likely need to be completely rebuilt.

All this means is that the apps haven't caught up with the iPhone 5 yet. But come October, we imagine there will be a whole new segment of the market taking advantage of the phone's larger display.
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