56% of Shared Content is Via Facebook

Chances are that if you are sharing a link or photo, you're probably using Facebook, a sharing platform reported today.

ShareThis, in conjunction with StarCom MediaVest Group and Rubicom Partners, conducted a study on where people are sharing information and found the majority was on Facebook, according to AllFacebook. ShareThis, which monitors the activity of about 400 million users a month, reported sharing accounts for 10 percent of all website activity and 31 of referral traffic.

But the interesting part was that Facebook was responsible for 38 percent of all clicked-through referral traffic, what ShareThis deems as important. However, Facebook also is responsible for an additional 18 that wasn't clicked-through (we're sad that not everyone on Facebook seems to care about our updates.) That means 56 percent of all shared Web content comes from Facebook.

Other ways to share content were not as impressive. Twitter accounts for 11 percent of clicked-through referrals. But when you start looking at clicks alone, the game changes with Twitter beating Facebook with a 4.9 average. Facebook has only 4.3.

What this means isn't surprising. Facebook has about 500 million users worldwide with half logging in every day, likely sharing millions of links or photos a day. Few companies have the numbers to literally influence the Web by sharing like Facebook can.

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