Facebook Music Platform to Debut Next Week?

Earlier this month we reported that Facebook would be launching their new music platform on Sept. 22, and now that debut is less than a week away.

The launch was reported by several sources and the music platform, based on partnerships with Spotify, MOG and Rdio, is expected to debut at Facebook's f8 developer conference in San Francisco on Sept. 22. So far, the reports are still confirming the debut rumor, according to Forbes. Facebook will be the platform for various music services, but will not be a hosting site -- instead the music will be hosted by its music service partners.

The social networking giant is expected to partner with digital music providers Spotify, MOG and Rdio in this initiative. . . . Facebook does not intend to become a hosting site for digital music. Instead, the company would be acting as a platform for providing digital music content from providers such as Spotify that already have their music licensing in place. It’s a win-win situation as Facebook’s partners get the advantage of Facebook’s immense reach of +750 million users while Facebook gets additional time spent on its website.

Spotify, MOG and Rdio already have a relationship with Facebook, so adding their services would seem like an easy transition. So far, though, Facebook has no official comment. That means that we will have to wait until Sept. 22 to see if the social network will truly be launching the new platform.

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