FB App ‘If I Die' Delivers Message From the Grave

Facebook is part of nearly 800 million people's lives, and now it can be part of their deaths, too.

'if I die,' a new Facebook application, asks the question, "What will you leave behind?" Apparently Facebook users can leave behind a message insulting or uplifting others.

The app outlines the three steps for users who need to leave a beyond the grave messages: download the app; film a video or write a text message for use after their death; and pick three trustees. (The trustees seem to be friends who aren't going to trigger the death announcement as a joke.) And voila! If at anytime you die, the death message will be revealed.

Macabre? Spooky? Weird? Yes. Check out the if i die video to get a good grasp of the weirdness.

It's not surprising this app would come along. Many Facebook friends are not close in proximity and may not hear from nearby friends about one's passing, so this app would inform everyone from Tucson to Timbuktu about what happened to his or her favorite CityVille or Vampire Wars pal.

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