Facebook Celebrates Instagram's 300M Users

Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 billion two years ago, and now it's celebrating the photo-sharing app's 300 million users -- by sending out a goofy photo of Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram head Kevin Systrom.
The photo, which has been shared thousands of times by now, is taken in Instagram's "gravity room" at Facebook headquarters according to Business Insider. The 300 million user mark is important because that means Instagram is now bigger than Twitter's 284 monthly active users. The estimates come from the third quarter ending Sept. 30, the Wall Street Journal reported, and also show that 210 million users come from global users.
“Two years ago, we were barely international and now we’re very international,” Systrom said in an interview. 
Because of the the large number of users, Instagram is now valued at $12 billion, which means a hefty profit and return on investment for Zuckerberg and Facebook.
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