Facebook ‘Friend Finder' Lawsuit Tossed Out of Court

A federal judge in San Francisco tossed out a class-action suit against Facebook which accused the social network of using user names and photos as unauthorized endorsements on its Friend Finder tool.

The judge said that Facebook users did not experience any economic loss because of Friend Finder and that it was only displayed to existing friends. He dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning the plaintiffs don't get to try again, according to PaidContent. Facebook has also triumphed in two other class-action lawsuits accusing the social network of using images of underage users and sharing information with third parties.

Users are obviously concerned about privacy and one of the ways they are driving this point home is in the courts. We wonder if Facebook understands that many of these lawsuits are caused because users are afraid they will have no control over their own information. We also wonder why would users put so much private information on a social network which makes its money from advertisers and providing access to its users..

It seems as if both Facebook and users can learn something from these lawsuits.

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