Facebook Friends Turned Off By Bragging, Love

Facebook bragging is not only annoying, but it's the most likely reason that most people will unfriend you, according to a new report.

The report by discount shopping site PromotionalCodes.org.uk surveyed 820 U.K. Facebook members, who reported bragging was the top reason (68 percent) for deleting a friend Facebook, according to the Telegraph. Another 61 percent were sick of hearing about a friend's relationship or gushing posts about their partner.

From the story:

Other common reasons for unfriending include too many updates, "annoying" posts and "inappropriate photos", while more than a quarter of users said they found a friend's status posts "too personal". 


More than half (57 percent) unfriended users because they no longer saw them in real life, according to Digital Spy. Others had more superficial reasons. Nearly half deleted friends for overposting and another 11 percent unfriended people because they were jealous of their vacations.

We aren't surprised. Earlier this year we wrote about a German study which indicated about 20 percent of Facebook users were envious of their online friends. The most envied? Vacation photos received 56.3 percent, while jealousy over a friend's success was 15.4. Users also coveted others' happiness and love at 7 percent and 4.2 percent respectively.
While the survey was relatively small, and in the U.K., we think that most users can commiserate with the bragging part. Many of us have Facebook friends who never post anything that isn't fabulous about his or her life, or post dozens of baby photos per day, and it can get a little annoying. However, more than half unfriended because that person was no longer in their lives, which is probably one of the best reasons of all.
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