Facebook Goes Backwards for News Feed

It was a year ago that Facebook unveiled out its new design which its users almost unanimously hated. So Facebook went back to the drawing board and created a new News Feed which kind of looks a lot like the old one.

The newer News Feed is familiar but incorporate a "fresh design" reminiscent of Facebook's mobile feed, according to The Verge. There will be no drop-down menu of feeds and it's refreshingly clean and simple. A bit of added gray keeps the News Feed the main focus.

"People don't like us moving their furniture around, because you break muscle memory," News Feed product manager Greg Marra told The Verge. The older version was too busy and confusing to users.. "That's a particular design idea that looked cool but didn't help you get around the site," he said. "You don't need to relearn anything — that was one of our big themes."

The social network has also cleaned up attributions by friends and a "big search bar" at the top of the screen which will allow Graph Search functions to find others based on their shared criteria. 

Despite the dumbed-down changes, few users will likely be upset. The changes made now are easy to understand and use, rather than a website made by a 15-year-old hip-hop mogul. Users didn't want complicated. Now Facebook can understand and embrace that about its audience.

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