Facebook, Google and Twitter Called to Stop CISPA

Reddit's founder called on tech leaders to help defeat a cybersecurity bill that could compromise online privacy, including attempting to call Google chief Larry Page.

In a video, Alexis Ohanian made a plea to the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter to fight the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) now in Congress, according to Wired. “I’m hoping that all of these tech companies take the stand that their privacy policies matter, their users’ privacy matters, and no legislation like CISPA should take that away,” Ohanian, said in a video posted Wednesday. 

Ohanian then attempts to call Page by dialing into the search giant's main switchboard and being told that no one by that name works at Google. Then when he has no luck reaching Page, Ohanian turns to the viewers to sign a petition to fight CISPA. 
“Sign the petition, get on the social media, because this is what defeated SOPA and PIPA," he said. "This is what will defeat CISPA and this is what will defeat whatever they throw at us. Internet freedom, internet privacy matters.”
CISPA was originally supposed to help government agencies and the private sector share information about cyberattack threats, but critics say it could invade the privacy of users and gives companies immunity for any repercussions, Wired reported.
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