Facebook Music Platform Adds More Partners

We already informed you that Facebook is expected to launch its new music platform Thursday, but now there are reports that the social network will have as many as 10 music partners.

Reports have said the number of music services has climbed, with online video services such as Vevo, also partnering with Facebook, according to the New York Times.

Spotify and Rhapsody, along with their smaller competitors Rdio, MOG and the French company Deezer, are said to be among the 10 or so music services that will be part of the service at its introduction; Vevo, the music video site, is another. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment, and media executives cautioned that details of the plan could change.

Most companies, such as Spotify, Rdio and MOG, offer both free and paid tiers (usually from $5 to $10 a month) but so far none of the unnamed sources would clarify the Facebook platform terms.

Facebook is rumored to debut the new music platform at its f8 developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday. It's an obvious attempt by Facebook to add value to the social network and outmaneuver Google's social network, Google+ -- and the music service companies can only benefit from the exposure to Facebook's 700 million users. It doesn't hurt to offer some free music (with ads) to hook a few million customers, does it?

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