Facebook's New iPhone Photo-Sharing App?

Facebook is working on an iPhone photo-sharing application that will challenge all of its predecessors, according to a report released today.

TechCrunch is reporting the app, possibly called "Hovertown" or "WithPeople" (no matter how improbable that sounds,) will have features filched from Instagram, Path, Color and With, all on Facebook's 600 million strong social network. The TechCrunch report gushed over the app, calling it "killer" and "awesome," which basically told us MG Siegler was a teen in the 1980s.

But it doesn't make a lot of sense. Yes, we realize that the iPhone has an almost cult-like following, but to restrict photo-sharing to only those on the iOS makes little sense on a social network that caters to 600 million people and 6 billion uploaded photos each month. Android users, at 31.2 percent vs. 24.7 percent of iPhone users, are also the most common smartphone users.

Let's hope that Facebook is a little more savvy than to limit itself to one mobile platform.

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