Facebook Photos Exec Leaves Company

Just as Facebook is rumored to be releasing a new iOS photo-sharing app, it announced that one of its key executives handling photos is leaving the company.

Sam Odio, Facebook's photos product manager, will be leaving the social network this week, AllThingsD reported. Odio was one of Facebook's "acqhires," meaning he joined the company when Facebook bought his start-up, photo-sharing service Divvyshot, a year ago. Facebook confirmed that Odio will be leaving the company at the end of this week but gave no other information. Odio was also unavailable for comment.

We don't know if there's anything to read into Odio's departure, or if it's related at all to Facebook's rumored iOS photo-sharing application. But you have to admit it's kind of an odd coincidence, especially when TechCrunch called the 2010 Divvyshot buy more of a talent acquisition rather than a monetary one (Facebook also welcomed two other team members as employees). Perhaps we're overthinking things -- a year in tech is like seven years in other industries, right?

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