Facebook Releases Odd Survey and Then Kills It

A very long Facebook survey made its way to several millions of users asking them personal questions about their feelings about the president, how wealthy they are and then quizzed them on current political events.

The question most people had was, "Why?" Well, apparently there is no answer because Facebook claimed the survey was incomplete and inadvertently disseminated to a "small amount" of users, according to MarketingLand. The questionnaire first started with some Facebook satisfaction questions, then went into personal questions about race and ethnicity and then began asking questions about political beliefs.

The odd part was a five-page news quiz that cautioned users not to look up answers on the Internet. It asked questions about who was the vice president, where Mitt Romney was a chief executive and the definition of a "super PAC." It then asked users to describe what the most important problem facing the country before asking if the survey was too long.

While Facebook backtracked away from this survey, it's obvious the questions were asked to ascertain how to target ads, likely political ones. 

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