Facebook Testing Facebook Credits on Websites

Facebook announced it is expanding its Facebook credits to other websites to provide developers for a more "unified app experience to users."

The social network announced the change on its Developer Blog, stating that it is working with only a few developers in a closed, limited test. However, only one example is given, Collapse Blast!, a game at Gamehouse.com. Developers interested in the Facebook Credit testing were also given a link to sign up.

At this time, we are focused on gathering early developer feedback. We will keep you posted as our tests continue. If you are interested in Facebook Credits for websites should we broaden the test, please sign up here.

Of course, it's to Facebook's benefit to tout its Facebook Credits -- the social network gets a 30 percent cut of any revenue. We understand that those signing into sites through Facebook could find using Facebook Credits easier, but historically developers have not been OK with a 30/70 split. And without significant exposure on Facebook we can't see how website developers gain anything by using the credits -- however, like Inside Facebook explained, developers also may not be losing anything either. If the sites are already used to paying fees, perhaps using Facebook credits isn't a bad alternative.

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