Facebook to Hire ‘Global Ambassadors'

Facebook has decided to create a new global policy team that places one of its corporate ambassadors in every country that uses its social network.

"This is the right investment for us to make because we want to have better relationships with regulators and policymakers across Europe and around the world," Debbie Frost, a Facebook spokeswoman told the San Jose Mercury News. "It's important that we have a presence, so people can have a direct line into Facebook. You limit the scope for misunderstandings."

Not surprisingly, the decision was made after Facebook was seen as a driving force of democracy in the Middle East and the social network was made to realize that it had little if any physical presence in those countries.

Among their duties, the policy directors will be Facebook's primary contact with foreign government officials and politicians. That will be especially critical in places like Europe, where regulators are scrutinizing the privacy and data-handling practices of Google and other U.S. Internet companies.

The new ads for foreign policy directors also require a formidable resume. For the Middle East: 10 years of experience in government and industry as well as fluency in Turkish, Arabic or other Middle Eastern language and experience as a media representative on both television and radio. Facebook also requires the candidate to have a "passionate belief in Facebook."

The same global push was done by Google a few years ago, because becoming part of the country and its economy means those countries may be more friendly towards one's business. Facebook is just figuring that out.

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