Facebook Tops Online Ad Revenue List

They're number one -- in online advertising.

Facebook has lurked in the top bunch of online advertisers for a few years, according to emarketer, but they've clinched the top spot with $2.19 billion in revenue.

Yahoo, the previous top seller, and Google round out the top three. With Yahoo users declining, Facebook continuing to gain and Google being, well, Google, things in online spending seem to match reality.

That is, non-internet advertisers took from their usual media buys, like on television, and went right to Facebook. No doubt, with side-spends on Google search results, too. The goal is grow brand awareness via pages on FB.

The magic number for Silicon Alley Insider, is $40 billion switch from newspaper and television to the internet.

With Facebook's daily deals, Credits and more commercial opps in its pipeline, the revenue -- and profit -- chart will look like a hockey stick for some time to come.

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