Facebook Trying to Buy Teens' Company

Andrew Mayhall, founder and chief executive of St. Louis company Evtron, a data storage provider is currently in talks with Facebook for a possible buyout.

However, the 19-year-old Mayhall doesn't want to sell, he wants to license his first storage platform, the Evtron Cell, according to Network World. The cell reduces overall data center space by 66 percent and is about four times as dense as what Facebook uses.

The idea of the data storage breakthrough was attractive to the social network, but so far talks have not led to any final decisions, and more than likely because Mayhall doesn't not favor a buyout. Still, the college dropout has said that a company acquisition and a job for him has been discussed.

"Maybe potentially licensing some of the technology to a Facebook or a Google or someone to continue bringing in funds so we can continue innovating and building the company as a whole," he said. "But I don't believe that it's in our sights right now to be acquired just quite yet." 

Perhaps Mayhall is being naive, or perhaps Facebook hasn't offered the right price for the company. Either way, it sounds as if Facebook wants the company's intellectual property as well as its founders.

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