Facebook Video Ads Outpace YouTube

Are Facebook's video ads outpacing YouTube? At least one big client says this is the case and that the social network offered 35 million user newsfeeds in three days, according to a report.

"YouTube and Facebook are equal players now, or at least close to it," Ron Amram, senior media director of marketing, Heineken USA, told Adweek. "What we're finding is that we have to consider Facebook as the key video partner going forward because not only does it have the reach but the effectiveness."

Granted, Heineken is looking for youth, but not too young. It wants 21-34 year olds to see its videos, and it received about 16 percent of its 35 million Facebook users exposed to the video in their newsfeeds. Its marketing team also saw an uptick in sales. 

While no specific reason was given for using Facebook over YouTube, it's not hard to imagine that YouTube demographics may hold the key, since its 18-34-year-old viewers (18-20 years olds are a little too young for alcohol sales in this country) rival those of any cable channel. Also, Facebook users seem to be bigger sharers, often sharing videos much more than YouTube users, at least according to the new "Star Wars" teaser.

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