Facebook Wants to Know Why Users Hide Posts

A Facebook executive said that Facebook will now specifically be asking users why they hide certain posts on their news feed, according to a report.

Facebook ad products manager Fidji Simo said that the social network will let users choose why they hide posts, according to ABC News.

Now a new sidebar would pop up and ask users to choose a label for the post: Uninteresting, Misleading, Sexually explicit, Against my views, Offensive, Repetitive and Other, the Next Web reported. From the piece:

The usefulness will run two ways, as it helps Facebook increase the relevancy of both its product and the ads it runs alongside it.

From the report, it's assumed that most of this will not be about posts by real people, but about ads that appear along news feeds, usually unwelcome annoyances anyway. Will anyone care to exert that much energy to explain why an ad is irrelevant?

It's unknown if users are willing to give specific information to a company built to better sell them something, but regardless, Simo said, the changes will be coming gradually in the next few months. 

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