Fake Facebook Stock Plot Alleged

The first alleged (and publicized) Facebook-stock fraud is from ... Wisconsin. A woman there sold fake stock certificates, according to the complaint, and even paid a housing contractor in false Facebook equity.

Marianne Olesen began peddling imposter stock over a four-month period, Reuters reports, but was called out when Facebook went legit with its Wednesday IPO filing.

Olesen leveraged a fictitious relationship between her daughter and Mark Zuckerberg to bait the hook, according to the filing.

Facebook could net between $5 and $10 billion at the end of its quiet periodin a couple of months. Olesen could net some jail time for the $76,880 she allegedly swindled from various victims.

One of those purportedly taken for a ride was a contractor that worked on Olesen's home. She paid the man with $13,980 in fake Facebook stock. He then paid for another $10,000 of Olsen's offerings, according to the complaint.

Another man, 66 and with a vision impairment, gave Olesen four checks totaling $43,000, according to an Oshkosh district attorney.

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