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Check out these famous moustached men.

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Borat Seksy Moustache comes with “Female Success Guarantee!” Sacha Baron Cohen proudly sports his 'stache in "Borat." Take a cultural learning from his fine facial hair. We like!
Hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger is a new addition to the famous mustache clique. Sully was nominated for the "Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year" award. The honor, given by the American Mustache Institute, recognizes the individual who most contributes to the "Mustached American way of life" over the last year.
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Would you like to get tickled by Burt Reynolds' bushy 'stache? The actor has sported the trademark facial hair throughout the entirety of his career.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee keeps his mo nicely groomed for the hit show. Lee claims his character is funnier with the 'stache. We agree.
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EMPTY_CAPTION"What'cha gonna do when the 24-inch pythons run wild on you?" Grow a Fu Manchu? Hulk Hogan is ultra fierce with his blonde whiskers.
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By the beard (or 'stache?) of Zeus! Will Ferrell sports a macho-mo in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy." Stay classy, Will.
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It's so bad, it's awesome. Jason Giambi of the Yankees grew his bushy 'stache to break up a hitting slump. He is a hero to growers everywhere.
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Props to Geraldo. Rivera was one of the few brave souls in the TV media industry who continued to sport a soup strainer beyond 1980. Who's laughing now, Geraldo?
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The lady killer grows a lady tickler? The usually clean-shaven Pierce Brosnan grew a mo for the "The Matador" in 2006. Smooth, Mr. Bond.
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman rocks an uneven salt and pepper stache that serves as a flavor savor for when he gets pies thrown in his face at college campuses.
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A good 'stache requires special care. Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí waxed his iconic facial hair daily.
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Movie critic Roger Ebert devised the "The Kevin Kline Mustache Principle," claiming that Kline has facial hair in comedies, but is clean-shaven in dramatic roles. Way to use your 'stache for role play.
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The moustache of champions? Sean Connery's distinguished lip sweater exudes confidence and poise. But we think there's room for more than one 'stache in this world.
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A college coach bet Mark Spitz he couldn't grow a 'stache. Spitz's answer? Win seven gold medals with no goggles, no swim cap and a full-on crumb catcher. Way to grow for the gold, Mark.
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Nothing goes better with a Hawaiian shirt and baseball cap than a bush below the nose. Selleck has sported the look for... well, forever. Not that the ladies are complaining...
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Mahatma, in sanskrit, means “great soul“. It should mean "great 'stache." Gandhi believed in a lifetime commitment to nonviolence... which he fulfilled with spirit, style, and 'stache.
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Much like some of his movies, Robert Downey Jr.'s short-lived 'stache didn't get great reviews. But he put it out there. And we appreciate that.
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The porn-mo. Ron Jeremy thinks facial hair makes his nose look smaller. [JOKE EDITED FOR CONTENT] Thanks for the tip, Ron.
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Rock musician Frank Zappa became so identifiable by his imperial moustache that after his death its image was actually copyrighted by the Zappa Family Trust.
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Do NOT mock Mo'rrison. Fans and band members of opposing teams wore fake 'staches in an attempt to rattle high-scoring NBA player Adam Morrison. He took it as a compliment and kept sinking baskets.
Bogus or bona fide? James Franco grew his mo' for 'Milk' while co-star Sean Penn wore a fake. Got mo'... errr milk?
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Viva Zapata! Ben Stiller sports a cool-dude 'stache in Dodgeball, but the actor/comedian chooses to opt out in real life. Too bad. He totally nailed that look.
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Perhaps one of the most famous mustaches is that of entertainer Robert Goulet. Goulet's mustache was so famous, that the American Mustache Institute (AMI) named an award after Goulet called the "Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year" award, which recognizes the most impact full Mustached American of the past year.
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