Man Finds New Clues to Identity After 1964 Kidnap Mixup

The man at the center of the reopened FBI stolen baby case has uncovered new evidence leading him closer to his true identity. Paul Fronczak, 49, used a home DNA test that showed he was not his parents' biological son. The couple believed a toddler found abandoned in New Jersey was their son, who had been abducted from a Chicago hospital in 1964. Franczak, a college administrator in Henderson, Nev., has found relatives through the help of the genealogy website, and a $99 saliva DNA test. Fronczak knows very little about his past. He was left outside a Newark, N.J., variety store in 1965, taken to an orphanage and named Scott McKinley. But officials investigating the Chicago kidnapping case determined that the baby Scott and the parents, whose child went missing, had the same ears.

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