“Finding Bliss” Creator Learned Hard Core The Hard Way

The idea of an up-and-coming (and sexually repressed) filmmaker taking a job at a porn company to pay the bills might seem like Hollywood lore. But it was the real experience for "Finding Bliss" writer/director Julie Davis.

Davis used that soft (and hard) core experience to make "Bliss," which is hitting theaters Friday -- starring Denise Richards and Leelee Sobieski.

"I worked as the head editor Playboy Channel when I was 25 in the late 90s," says Davis. "It was my first real job out here -- it had benefits and a 401k plan."

She didn't tell people at the time that part of her duties included editing down hard core films so that they would be suitable for the "soft" porn channels. So she's seen it all and then some.

"I was shocked when I first started .But then I slowly became so numb," says Davis. "You see anything enough, it doesn't have the meaning. Which is horrible, That was much worse than being shocked."

"And when it was bored, I thought that's not acceptable."

She left the job after a year. But on the bright side, she got a screenplay which she finally brought to the screen. While there are similarities to Sobieski's character in the film, it's not entirely a tell-all.

"I never fell in love with the director like she does," says Davis. "That's the big difference. I had no love story."

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