Firefighters Go Above and Beyond During Distress Call

Firefighters show up to help and don't leave until the lawn is spotless

With all of the superhero movies showing up on the big screen, it's nice to hear about some local heroes cleaning up our streets. Or in this case, cleaning up our lawns.

Firefighters from Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 94 in Lakewood were called to assist a man in his 60s on Thursday. The man was busy trimming his trees when he fell off the ladder and broke his arm.

"After we took care of him and made sure that his wife was taken care of and she knew what hospital he was going to, we started just cleaning up his yard," said Captain Mark Lepore.

The injured man was barely in the ambulance when the firefighters started finishing the cleanup job.

"I was walking back from the ambulance and saw my captain Mark Lepore raking up the debris and Vince and Ray were setting up the ladder to finish trimming his tree," Firefighter Steve Turner wrote in a Facebook post.

"It's just the little things that we like to do," he said. "It was kind of a no-brainer."

Added Lepore: "We didn't do anything that any other firefighter wouldn't do, or any other person, for that matter."

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