Go Old Testament on FB

Courtesy of Hexify

Facebook's social games have finally embraced the the Bible, with a new game based on the life of Moses.

"Weaving throughout ancient Egypt and the Middle East, the Journey of Moses is a fun, immersive adventure game, complete with complex characters, engaging quests, puzzles and mysteries," said Brent Dusing, chief executive officer of Hexify. "Whether you already play social games or you are interested in the story of Moses, we believe we have created a game that everyone can enjoy."

This is the third social game for Mountain View, Calif.-based Hexify, which has also created Legend Hunter and Treasure Legend, and although Dusing refers to himself as a Christian, he says his company is not, according to CNN.

The game itself loosely follows the story of Moses, a Hebrew baby that was sent down the river to where the Pharaoh's sister was bathing. She ended up adopting the baby and making him part of the Egyptian royal family. The game follows young Moses as he attempts to find objects on quests and learn information. Throughout the game, there are sprinkled biblical quotes with added parentheticals, such as:

Matthew 13:58 "And He did not do many works of power there, because of their unbelief (their lack of faith in the divine MISSION of Jesus)."

Hexify wisely chose a game based on an Old Testament character in order to appeal to a larger Judeo-Christian audience -- although it does employ New Testament quotes. Also, being the only biblical game on Facebook may mean a bigger audience. We doubt there are more than a few social games for fundamentalist Christians.

Either way, the game isn't overtly religious and plays like many of Facebook's social games with simple graphics, addictive play and reliance on social networks to get energy or move quickly up levels.

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