First Lady Michelle Obama Talks George Clooney and Oprah; Nancy Pelosi Weighs In on Clint Eastwood!

E! also caught up with Nancy Pelosi who said she was a "big fan" of Kristen Wiig

Sorry, Clint Eastwood, but the chairs are full at the Democratic National Convention.

And when our very own DNC correspondent Ross Matthews caught up with first lady Michelle Obama and former House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, both were ready to talk. Here's just a bit of what we'll show you on E! News tonight.

Ross asked Michelle Obama which celebrity (hey, this is E!, people) would be good to speak before her husband accepts the nomination (like the Gran Torino actor's talk prior to Republican nominee Mitt Romney's speech), and she gave the question some thought.

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"Oh, that's a tough one. Oh, goodness. It would have to be somebody who knows him," the first lady said.

The obvious assumption? Ross offered up Obama's friend--and frequent endorser--George Clooney.

"He's cute," Mrs. Obama continued. "Somebody like Oprah. I don't know. People who have spent time with him, who know him, who understand his heart, who know his values, I think, then it's not just a celebrity, but it's another person talking about a friend or a colleague and I think that's a bit more authentic than just having a big name."

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But Eastwood, as we know, left a far bigger impression at the RNC than simply just introducing Romney. Ross asked about his RNC speech.

"In some ways I felt sad for him but in other ways I felt sad for the Republicans, that they thought this was a good idea," Pelosi said. "I respect Clint Eastwood, he's a good person, he's a Californian, so I know him from there, but I didn't understand what the point was."

Pelosi was willing to talk about former Saturday Night Live funny gal Kristen Wiig, who just so happened to take on Pelosi in a number of sketches.

"I'm a big fan of hers," Pelosi revealed. "She's very versatile."

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