Flares Gives You Contextual Maps

Flares, a new social media app that sends your momentary location to friends, is going viral -- but not to teens or millennials, but the next biggest market -- moms.

"Flare is really powerful and most powerful in families," Brogan Keane, chief executive of FlareWorks, told Press: Here. "With moms, (the entire family) is using it, so everyone's on it."

So far, Flare hasn't taken off as much with teens and millennials, but that's because their use is based on if friends are using it. With Moms, they tend to make their kids join.

Keane, a former executive at Sony and Electronic Arts, helped develop the app which flashes a quick map on one's screen called a "flare." Unfortunately, when iOS 8 launched, Apple released a similar feature that lets users text locations, but Keane said it wasn't that similar to Flare's momentary maps.

"I think what it does show is that Apple really believes in location and using location in new and different ways," Keane said. "In iOS 8,  it’s buried in details and in threaded conversations…In Flares, it’s an inverse of that. It's so visual in nature, so you begin with the location."

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