Food Trucks and Amazon Deliveries in National Parks? Not So Fast, Some Visitors Say

They worry about increased commercialization at the shrines to America's natural wonders

A proposal before the Trump administration that food trucks, Wi-Fi and Amazon deliveries be allowed in campgrounds at national parks got a thumbs-down this week from some visitors at Yosemite National Park, NBC News reports.

The idea comes as the Department of Interior considers recommendations from an advisory committee to modernize and privatize the operation of campgrounds, including adding running water, tent and cabin rentals and extended family sites at select parks.

The recommendations were made public online last month, and no decisions have been made, a National Parks Service official said.

"We're basically suggesting that would be a way to improve overall camping experiences," said Derrick Crandall, vice chairman of the Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee, in an interview last month with the Associated Press. "Are we talking about pricing people out of national parks through this? Not at all."

Some visitors at Yosemite National Park in California told NBC News this week that they don’t think amenities like Wi-Fi are necessary at the famed attraction. "Not sure why you would need Amazon packages to get delivered to you when you're in a national park," said visitor Jen Storie.

"This is where you can connect with the Earth and what's here," said Dan Farquhar, of Roseville, California. "You don’t want a lot of outside interference.

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