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Friends of Bodie Day Materializes Online

Love the famous ghost town? You can celebrate it from your own digs this August.

Kelly Cheng Travel Photography

THE PROFOUND QUIET OF A REMOTE LOCATION? A sky that seems to fill in every available space above and around you? The occasional call of a bird swooping on the far horizon? The pleasures of visiting Bodie State Historic Park might be accurately described as deep, silent, spacious, and dreamy, for the legendary ghost town serves as an authentic slice of the long-ago past during an era when many such slices have all but faded away. This can prompt the visitor, whether they're there to photograph the beautiful buildings in their stunning states of "arrested decay" or simply to see the haunting sights, to feel as if they've time-traveled for a day. And that sense of time-travel-a-tude greatly grows during...

FRIENDS OF BODIE DAY, the annual summertime celebration that finds many ardent fans showing up in truly spectacular, vintage, and oh-so-authentic costumes. And while Bodie is truly socially distanced, in every way, from the modern world, the Bodie Foundation is taking the party online for 2020, which means people from even further points can join the gussy-up, history-focused festivity (and become a member of the foundation if they've been meaning to join). The virtual gathering is opening its parasol and donning its spurs on Saturday, Aug. 8, and donations are very much welcome, if you can contribute to the mission of supporting this amazing part of California's past. It's a celebration that will look at several points in the town's history, up to the 1920s, giving Bodie buffs the chance to enjoy a variety of informative presentations. Find out more at the Bodie Foundation site now.

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