Friendship Between 3-Year-Old and His Favorite Garbage Man Helps Them Both Get Through the Pandemic

Months before the pandemic, little Landon Constat became fascinated while watching Chris Perry pick up the garbage at his home every week

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For 17 years, Chris Perry has worked for the city of Warwick, Rhode Island.

The sanitation engineer said over those years he's come across a lot of children, but none quite like 3-year-old Landon Constant.

"I see him every week," said Perry. "I look forward to it, he looks forward to it."

Months before the pandemic, Landon became fascinated while watching Perry pick up the garbage at his home every Friday morning.

"I think most kids love seeing big trucks, but Landon loves Chris' truck," said Melissa Constant, Landon's mom. "It just started becoming a ritual, and then when the nicer weather came, and he was more into seeing him work we would come outside, and we would see Chris and wave to him."

For his birthday in May, Perry played "Happy Birthday" from his speakers while driving up to his house.

"He loved it, they all loved it. It just makes you feel better," said Perry.

"He's three and this is a big deal for him, and Chris recognizes that, and we appreciate that about him he goes above and beyond," said Melissa. "It's just that little bit of extra that he puts in that he doesn't have to, but he does it to make him happy."

Perry said since COVID, the interaction with people he once had hasn't been the same.

"This especially made me feel better when COVID came around because it made him happy. Everyone is stuck in the house or watching what they're doing, but we have this, and this is a little more for him and more for me," said Perry.

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