From the “Dead”: Jesse James Makes TV Return on Spike TV Marathon

Sandra Bullock's heartbreaker Jesse James rides again -- even if it's only for a weekend.

Before James became a tabloid figure he was a successful television personality with his last show finishing on Spike TV just before his notorious infidelity scandal erupted. For the first weekend since the wild tales erupted, James will return to that television star status.

Spike TV will air a two-day marathon featuring James' show "Jesse James Is a Dead Man" along with another Spike original show: "The Joe Schmo Show." Schmo is Saturday and Jesse is Sunday, beginning at 1 pm EST.

Lest anyone feel the guy-network is being sympathetic to James, Spike TV is calling the weekend a "Schmo Down." And James might be the king of the Schmos after his behavior.

"We're having a little fun with the Schmo theme," David Schwarz, the vice president of communications for Spike TV tells PopcornBiz. "And (for Jesse) that might be putting it mildly."

"We have both of these guys from these shows being sort of clueless and acting foolish," he adds. "And for Jesse, that goes for many ways."

The "Dead Man" show, which ran for a season of 13 episodes,  features James performing a variety of lethal, and often seemingly foolhardy stunts. The show was a success for the "adrenalin junkies" and the primarily male audience of Spike. Now Schwarz expects the curious who cannot even remember a James before the scandal.

"There is a curiosity factor," he says. "We expect it to do well."

"Whether you like Jesse or you don't like Jesse. It's a well made show."

Schwarz says he doesn't expect an outcry from Sandra Bullock fans angered at the very thought of any Jesse James -- except for the television apologizing type -- appearing on television.

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