Get Ready for “4D Sex and Zen” With Vibrating Seats

Once erotic cinema broke the third dimension, a less imaginative person migh''ve feared there was nowhere else for the genre to go. Ha!

"3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" proudly billed itself as the first 3D erotic film, helping the movie achieve a Hong Kong record $360,000 opening day, and left producers with no choice but to make a sequel.

"4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East" will entice viewers with the promise of vibrating seats, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We find this to be both hilarious and wildly distasteful.

But just like 3D, which feels like a revolution, this movement actually a return to the Hollywood of the '50s. Producer-director-huckster William Castle installed vibrating seats in theaters that showed his film "The Tingler," in which the eponymous monster would give you a buzz from the inside.

The Wikipedia entry about this stunt contains one of the great, unsourced throwaway lines: "The buzzers were small surplus vibrators left over from World War II." 

The vibrating seat is much less intrusive and dumb than the smell-o-rama of the most recent "Spy Kids" debacle. Though we shudder to think how the home-video version of "4D Sex and Zen" will be packaged.

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