Director at Pixar Wants More Girls to Get Into Coding

Danielle Feinberg, director of photography for lighting at Pixar, wants girls to learn that coding can lead to any career they want.

"The wonderful thing about tech is that you can find something that you love, pair it with technology, and it's a career now," she told Press:Here.

Feinberg mentions that the Made with Code website has been featuring young women who code working in music, robotics and medicine.

"I think that's more exciting than sitting in an office by yourself," she said.

According to Made with Code, most young girls are interested in science, technology, engineering and math, but they lose their interest by college.

"There are a lot of messages girls are getting especially around the time period of 7th to 8th grade," Feinberg said. "There are a lot of  misconceptions of what you are if you are a coder...(In company hackathons) I think there aren’t as many women represented there so girls have a hard time seeing themselves there."

Feinberg said that there has been some progress in getting girls into computer programming. Schools, Girl Scouts of America and other groups are promoting coding academies and camps, which helps the cause.

"It feels like we’re making progress, but I do think it can very easily be lost," she said.

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