Gmail Gets (Another) Facelift

Gmail just got better -- again. So did Google Docs.

There's a new preview pane, for quick scrolling and indexing of incoming mail, sort of like batch-deleting and -sorting. Users can, in labs, choose vertical or horizontal display. (Horizontal is more like the iPad interface, but to each her own.)

And now there's a higher-resolution interface on mobile devices, so a lot less squinting while staring at that iPhone 4. The pull-down refresh (like Facebook and others) is a sure way to obsessively check for new mail, too.

As for Google Docs, the streamlining initiative continues across the application board. First, new keyboard shortcuts. Sweet, right? But how to enable them? Yeah ... just a ? to see the cheat sheet.

Charts are easier, too, with hover-tips enabled, as well as something called spreadsheet function snippets.

And finally, the help documentation, according to Google's Official Blog, has been completely rebuilt.

These are all available in English, with other languages rolling out soon. So the whole world can, indeed, become a "spreadsheet ninja."

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