Google Adds Real-Time Transit to Maps

We love living a “greener” lifestyle in the Bay Area but waiting for mass transit, well it sucks.

"Do I start walking or not?" ... "Can I get a coffee or will I miss the train while I’m in line?" ... "Should I call the office or can I make up the time along the way?"

On Wednesday, Bay Area braintrust Google tries to get us a leg up on those questions as they bring “live transit updates” online for their Google Maps.

Now you can see “live departure times” and service updates as they happen, as they affect you.

Available only for the San Francisco Bay Area and a scant three other U.S. cities, once again it’s good to be the “Home of Google."

Not only can you check out routes, map your journey point-to-point and determine when you should leave for the stop, you now also know when to STAY and finish that bowl of oatmeal or brush your teeth. (Please brush your teeth!)

What’s more, this update goes for both Google Maps desktop and mobile versions. That means you can get the latest update on the very bus you’re out there waiting for, while you’re waiting for it, from your mobile phone.

Now my Mom is worried… Does that take my job? No. Just like with the mapping devices, advances like this help me do my job better.

I get more information, and with more data a better picture of the overall commute emerges, allowing me to predict what the impact will be to your commute.

Don’t worry, Mom. Mikey Likey.

-- Mike Inouye is Traffic Anchor, appearing on Today in the Bay. He also has excellent dental hygiene. Follow him on Twitter @mikeynoway.

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