Google Bid $4 Billion for Hulu

Google reportedly was willing to pay $4 billion for the video-streaming service, as long as Hulu could provide more than a two-year contract.

Right now, the deal on the table is only two years of existing contracts and Hulu reportedly wants upwards of $2 billion. In the last few months, several offers were made in  $500 milion to $2 billion range, but Hulu was disappointed the offers weren't higher, according to Business Insider.

It also reported a rumor that Google chief executive Larry Page flew to Los Angeles to deal with Hulu execs in person and outline Google's $4 billion offer. If the rumor is true, Page likely asked for a longer contract with Hulu content providers.

Google's Hulu buy could solve several of its problems, including getting ABC, NBC and Fox original programming -- because all three networks blocked their online programming from GoogleTV and YouTube. By purchasing Hulu, that impasse would be over. Now with YouTube almost ready to launch its entertainment channels, it acquiring Hulu now would be ideal.

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