Google Buys Wavii for $30 Million

Reports say Google bought Wavii, a language processing startup, for more than $30 million

Google bought personalized news feed startup Wavii for more than $30 million, reports said.

The news came from a reliable source, according to TechCrunch, which announced the news of the sale of the Seattle-based company. The 25-person company was founded by Adrian Aoun and will now be headed to Mountain View to work on Google's Knowledge Graph team.

Apple was in talks to also acquire the company, but Google got the company after a bidding war.

Called a "natural language processor," Wavii basically aggregates news stories after a user makes several choices about the news he or she wants.

However, Wavii's semantic search knowledge is also helpful to Google.

The $30 million number may seem a bit high, but not that strange when you realize it's the same sum paid for news aggregator Summly by Yahoo.

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