Google Delays Nexus Q After Bad Reviews

Google has postponed shipping its new media device, the spherical Nexus Q,  indefinitely while it works on bettering its creation, according to reports.

Google apparently told users that it was responding to initial feedback to improve the experience, the New York Times reported. Reviews of the Nexus Q were never stellar. With a $299 pricetag and the same features as a much cheaper Boxee or Roku, it didn't seem to fill a niche. Also, early reports said the process was "cumbersome."

Google didn't give a new shipping date for the improved Nexus Q, but did say that it would send a free version of the device to those who already ordered it.

Does this mean this is the end to Android@Home and other inroads into customers' houses? We don't think so. Google is new to the hardware game and obviously has much to learn, so it may take a few years to get it right. The only problem is that if it doesn't improve soon, Apple could solidify its place in the home and benefit from Google's fits and starts.
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