Google Shopping Express Expands Overnight Delivery in NoCal

Google is expanding its overnight delivery service Google Shopping Express from Fresno, Calif. to the Oregon border, according to reports.

Previously the service was being used in key parts of San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles, but now the service is moving into less metropolitan areas, according to the Wall Street Journal. It will now be expanding its overnight delivery from the Oregon border to Fresno, Calif. --  about the northern half of the large state.

However, Google's small fleet of vans can't keep up with the new 400 miles of territory, so it's working with other shipping companies for the deliveries. As long as the customer types in an order by 7 p.m., the product will be there the next day. Google's partners in the service include Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods and Toys R Us.
“In less dense areas, a partnership with other carriers makes more sense,” Tom Fallows, product management director for Google Shopping Express told the WSJ.  “We are very committed to making this an everyday affordable price point,” he said.
Fallows declined to name the carriers, but customers will find out in the next few months. Google's blue and white vans will still be delivering in cities, but Google declined to give and statistics on the service.
The move to compete with Amazon is likely to be a costly one for Google, but one that's a necessity if it hopes to take on the e-commerce giant.
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