Google+ Games Plans to Crush Facebook, Zynga

Google+ is gearing up to launch its new social game network that will pay developers more than Facebook and host the games on Google's own servers.

Google+ will take less than 30 percent of developer revenue, Facebook's usual cut, and hosting the social games on Google servers would mean faster game play and fewer bugs, according to AllThingsD.

Timing of the launch is still unknown; however, at Casual Connect this week in Seattle, publishers were buzzing (albeit quietly) about the upcoming launch. Everyone I spoke to was under the impression it was coming soon. One enthusiastic source said it will launch this month, while another said it was taking longer.

Google did launch Google In-App Payments two days ago --- was that merely coincidence? The jury's still out, but in-app payments could only help the social game network.

Will Facebook developers make the leap to Google+ for bigger profits, or as Tricia Duryee writes, purely for revenge against Facebook's most-favored developer Zynga, which had an agreement with Facebook to help it meet growth targets? Regardless of the reason, we hope that developers do flock to Google+. More platforms for developers can only benefit users because it will likely mean a wider range of games.

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