Google+ Gets a Huge Makeover

Are you still using Google+? If you are, then you might have noticed the social network looked a little bit different today. If you aren't using it, Google+'s new changes might convince you to. Here's what's new to Google's Facebook rival.

The fundamentals of Google+ have changed. Profile "streams" are now much easier to navigate. What used to be a boring navigation toolbar at the top is now a "dynamic ribbon of applications" located on the left side.

Google+ users can customize the toolbar by dragging and dropping in apps they want. Google says the ribbon allows Google+ to be future-proof, giving users room for "The Next Big Feature and The Feature After That."

Photos and videos have also been given an upgrade. They now show up bigger and sharper than before. If you've got yellow teeth, you best learn how to whiten it up in Photoshop. In addition to the higher resolution multimedia options, photos and videos also show up as "conversation cards." These let your friends and followers keep tabs on the comments surrounding them.

Anybody else feel like the "cover image" now available on Google+ profile pages is a rip-off of Facebook's Timeline profile cover images?

A new command center for managing Google+ Hangouts and an "Explore" page that lets users see what's trending and happening in real-time are also part of the update.

The bottom line is, the new Google+ interface is meant to streamline the social network and make it faster and easier to get to what you want and what you want to share.

Back to the first question, how's Google+ treating you so far? I'll admit, I've mostly stopped using it.

Via Google Official Blog

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